Unboxing “Mystery Kit-Dragon” by Diamond Art Club (SPOILER ALERT)

Hey everyone,

Before I begin this unboxing I am here to warn you that this is full of spoilers for the “Mystery Kit- Fantasy Dragon” by Diamond Art Club. Click away now if you do not want it spoiled for you.


See you.

Now then… for everyone who remains, I am about to be ecstatic because this kit is beautiful. It’s just amazing. As you can see below, the package came in Diamond art club branded box which I love. I literally jumped for joy when I saw that the postman was delivering this.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Diamond Art Club is a reputable diamond painting company which licenses all of their pieces. I personally adore this company and stand by it. I think their message of giving money back to the artist is something we all should live by. As Rachael Rae says “Pay the artist”.

I personally don’t know what the image is so that is going to make for an exciting time when completing this kit. Diamonds and Washi has a spoilery review of the piece if you are interested in seeing that. I will link that below.

As you can see, this comes with blue branding which means it is a square kit. It is also quite a large kit compared to Diamond Art Club’s usual which I like. It means you will get your money’s worth.

It also came with the new tool kit which I liked.

I can sort of make out the image but it does leave a lot of mystery to it.

The drill field is quite clear which I like. It looks like I won’t get confused by any symbols.

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