Unboxing “Lazy Day” by Diamond Art Club

Hey everyone,

For today’s unboxing it is “Lazy Day” by Randal Spangler. When I first saw this kit, I was over the moon on how much I actually loved it. It’s just the perfect type of warmth and peace you can find in Spangler’s draglings.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Diamond Art Club is a reputable diamond painting website that licenses artwork from artists. This means the artist gets paid for their work. I highly recommend you order from this company. The quality is impeccable, the customer service is fantastic and it comes with a lifetime warranty if things go wrong which barely happens.

As you can see below, it comes with the square kit contents including a blue box rather than a pink one. The artwork on the box is called “Dream” by Jojoes Art.

Here are some stats for the piece:

Artist: Randal Spangler

Size: 56×56 cm

Colours: 46 colours and 4 ab gems

Shape: Square

Initial impressions: I am quite excited to do this kit. The little dragling in bed is my spirit animal. Since it is a smaller kit, it won’t take that long to work up which I appreciate. I do a lot of bigger kits which take up more time.

As you can see, it comes with the canvas, drills inside the canvas and the older tool kit. The tool kit comes with some plastic baggies, a tweezer (Which only comes in square tool kits) two pink heart shaped waxes and a diamond painting pen. All of this comes together to make for a great kit which you can work on.

The canvas itself is soft and the artwork imprinted on it is quite clear which I like. Look at how gorgeous the canvas is.

The actual symbols themselves are quite clear which you always need in a diamond painting.

Overall I am really happy with how the kit is and I genuinely can’t wait to work on it. Diamond Art Club is my favourite company to work with and they never disappoint.

You can check out this kit here.

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