The Jeanie Diaries (12.11.22)

Gratitude for today: I am thankful to live in the home that I do with the parents that I have. I love my family very dearly.

Mood for today: Very happy


We’re starting our diamond painting day off strong. I’m not planning on doing anything else but work on “Dragon Attack!” By Diamond Art Club.

It’s working up really nicely which I appreciate. Lots of confetti.


A bit of progress with “Dragon Attack!”.


Decided to take a break from Diamond painting and went for a drive with the grandparents.

I love going out with them. We always go for great adventures since I got sick.

Life’s been a little lonely since I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia which means I really appreciate the people that has stuck by me. It’s been a rough two years but we are finally making headway.


Working on “Dragon Attack!”. Loving the blues and purples in this.


I’m about to have dinner but this is the progress on “Dragon Attack!”.

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