The Jeanie Diaries (03.11.22)


Gratitude for today: Thankful for having amazing parents and friends that are really supportive

Hey everyone,

Today will be dedicated to university work. Right now some learning materials became active so now it’s the upwards climb of doing everything before the tutorial next week.

The game plan for today is to watch all the lecture pods and then read some “Glint” by Raven Kennedy.


I have started the uni work, it is going to be a very long day.


Finished the uni work for today and now reading “Glint”. I am on page 104 at the moment but will update later. I feel like I am flying through this book. Haven’t had as successful as today in awhile.

I am loving “Glint” at the moment. Bit more face paced than the original with another character’s POV which I like.


I’m on page 134 of “Glint”. It is really starting to shape up.

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