Unboxing Diamond Art Club’s “Nutcracker”

Hey everybody,

Today I will be unboxing a Hannah Lynn piece known as “Nutcracker” that has been licensed to Diamond Art Club.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Diamond Art Club is a very reputable diamond painting company that I adore more than life itself. It’s just fantastic service, quality of kits and their message for their kits. Highly recommend you looking through their website. They hold all sorts of artwork and imagery made into diamond paintings.

To say I was excited about this piece was an understatement. I adore this picture and have already kitted it up. I will be doing a daily log of me completing this piece.

As you can see below, it comes in Diamond Art Club’s square drill box. In case you were wondering, the picture inscribed on the box is “Dream” by Jojoes Art.

Here are the stats on this kit.

Artist: Hannah Lynn

Diamond colors: 43 with 3 Ab drills.

Size: 51cmx71cm

Amount of diamonds: 56,964

Current Price: $106 Australian

As you can see, the box itself is in great condition. This has been under by bed for almost a year and no damage has been done to it. I have many kits under my bed aha, but hey, that’s the joy of having this hobby.

As you can see, this is an older kit so it does not come with the new tool kit, neither does it come with the new sticker sheet. I am in love with the original artwork. The confetti on this painting is going to be insane.

Look how amazing she is. Her holding the nutcracker is just making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This would make a perfect Christmas gift to complete.

As you can see the drill field is very clear as expected with Diamond Art Club. No light pad needed. Though this nutcracker is slightly terrifying up close.

Overall, I rank the quality of this kit as a 9/10. The canvas itself is soft and plushy which is nice. It also is very durable which I liked.

If you wish to buy this diamond painting, I highly recommend it.

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