How did you get into diamond painting?

Hey everyone,

Today I will tell you the story of how I got into diamond painting and how I got so enraptured by this hobby. I absolutely love it to pieces and so glad I stumbled across it.

So my obsession began at Christmas 2019. My Mum was wrapping up presents for my cousins when I spotted a cheap diamond painting wolf kit from the Reject Store. I asked Mum whether I could have it.

She said yes. Thank gawd to the heavens above that she said yes.

I completed it within hours and got hooked.

So after that, we searched on Boxing Day for sales of diamond paintings when we stumbled across Spotlight and Hobbysew. They themselves were having impressive sales which I got so excited to do. We also went top Roni’s home and got a few cheap kits there.

After doing some of those ones, I stumbled across Diamond Art Club and haven’t looked back since.

And that’s how I got into diamond painting.

Let me know how you all got into diamond painting, I am fascinated to know.

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